Mike Taliercio

2021 King of The Track

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Aimee LaGuardia

Crowned Queen of the Track!

Summer Series 2022

4/9 – Opening Spring Series 2022 – ALL PHOTOS COURTESY OF MATTYWASS.COM.



Joseph Reyes

Joseph Reyes friend and volunteer for LINADS been working on cars since I was 12 I fell in live with racing when I seen Lewis L Oppenheimer and Ronnie Siders and John Torres racing their awesome cars and been hooked ever since

Rocco Saccone Jr.

My name is Rocco Saccone Jr. and I raced at NY National speedway very successfully years ago in Heavy and street Eliminator with ’65 Mustangs and a ’57 Ford. I have been racing a 2019 Mustang GT the last few years successfully with 4 eliminator wins last year. I am retired and have raced at 6 different tracks so far. I would like nothing better than to see drag racing come back to long island with a season long bracket points program with qualifying for the bracket finals. I also would like to see big money bracket races like they have in the south. These could be extremely successful and popular if organized properly!

John Cozzali

 John cozzali president of LINADS racing since I was 16 born and raised on Long Island. I drive a 2002 Bickel cavalier and am glad to see racing back on the. Island

Denise Kline

I am a daycare owner and provider, mother of 3 children and grandmother of 3 and one on the way This will be my first racing event and I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’ve been reading everything I can and watching tutorials to be as prepared as possible. My husband has been the one to get me into cars; he’s always had something cool and something fast in the driveway. He’s taught me so much and has been supportive of my decision to drag race. The love of speed was already there!

Neal Egenberger

Neal Egenberger sr I’m a union hvac tech. Been into racing since the mid 80s a lot more street racing back then. Now I run a 63 nova raced a lot of 10.0 index the last few years . This season I went back to bracket racing in the pro class at Numidia dragway. My son Neal jr runs 8.50 and bracket too. My youngest daughter is 15 and she’s going to run street this year in one of our diesel pick ups till we get her 79 camaro AKA Brooklyn baby together.We run Cecil Atco island and Numidia looking forward to being on the island again. Nothings better than racing with family and all the friends we have made racing!!!

Joey Cole

So this is a pic from Long Island Dragway in Westhampton… a rare moment when my dad and I raced each other! I’m now 43 and a Mother of 3 girls! I started racing when I was 16 and my dad bought me the silver Monte Carlo that was just like his. I wanted to spend time with my dad and I definitely was not good at the traditional sports that I tried. I drove it on the street and raced it on weekends for quite a while. In 1999, it became a super stock GT car and we now travel, as many do, to other states in order to race. I’m so happy to see racing will be back on the island and hope that it becomes something permanent in the future!

Billy Friaglia

My father,brother,son and me.
Generations of racers!

Rus Kol

I knew when I was 5 years old what I wanted , I was the little kid in the back seat of my dads car with my face planted against the rear window when I saw a hot rod ,  I’ve had this car for over 40 years , I started racing it at Hamptons when I was 17 , looking forward to racing back on LI

Sheri Lynn

This is my Dad with his El Camino, he is not on social media but very eager to race on Long Island again! My dad had polio as a child at the age of 4 and was told he would not walk. He beat all the odds and continues to do so. Racing he said takes all his pain away. When he sits in his El Camino he said it takes him back in time. The joy racing has brought my dad and my brothers is immeasurable. He has been racing, fixing,building cars pretty much his whole life. He owned his own gas station and then worked for Ford for many years. It has been hard not having a track on the Island anymore and being able to have this opportunity to race again even if it’s just one more time means more to him than anyone can imagine. It means a lot to our family to see my dad race. A lot of memories of us together at the Hamptons track. Hoping to make new memories on the track one more time this year!! We hope we can all be there to watch my dad and my brothers compete.

Bill Gimello

Bill Gimello former cofounder of Long Island Needs a Dragstrip. A Long Island resident been racing since I was 17 at National Speedway and at Hampton Dragway. Taking my 73 Camaro Racing outside of Long Island is a drag but it was the only place to go until now. Finally the dream that I had 3 1/2 years ago has come true. I’ll be there opening day to race and a few other days can’t wait.

Thomas Conde

Hey my name is Thomas Conde, my friends call me TommyCuzz. I’m 31 and have been racing since I got my license at 18. Would drive from queens to Englishtown till they closed the 1/4 track. Built a few import cars on the sidewalk over my years of racing, as I was doing that so was my older brother who I looked up to. He brought me into his 92 eagle talon when I was about 13 and did a pull in it to about 80 and from that moment on I was in love with the rush.

Carl & John Juliano

My brother John and I have grown up watching our dad Carl Sr race at both Westhampton and NY National in the 70’s and 80’s.We raced at Westhampton up until its closure. Since 1995 we have been regulars in the Lucas Oil Racing Series, traveling up and down the east coast at all the Division 1 and some Division 2 tracks. Excited to see drag racing making a comeback on Long Island!