Jim Sanderson

This is my son James Sanderson with his 62 BelAir and myself JIm Sanderson with the 64 Impala. Back in 1983 I was lucky enough to buy my first car, the 64 Impala in the photos and still have it today. After an engine change I wanted to make a pass at West Hampton just to see what the car could do. What was to be just one day ended up being 10 years of bracket racing. I was hooked. But kids came along and the track sadly closed. Never did I think I would race on Long Island again.

My Son James seems to be that “apple” and it didn’t fall far. He is naturally mechanical inclined can fix just about anything and just loves the Classic cars. So much so he picked up the 62 BelAir. How many 25 year olds do that today?

Then RTNS comes along. Not only did that provided the opportunity to race again on Long Island but side by side with my Son!

On September 25, 2022 We did just that! I raced my son. I personally cannot thank RTNS and all the people who worked so hard to make this a reality.

Mike Politio

I bought my 2015 Dodge Challenger Scat Pack from the showroom floor of a Dodge dealership here on Long Island. The test drive was green light drag race on Jericho Turnpike, me against the salesman.

Since then, the car has been transformed into a track-only bracket racer by me and True Street Performance in Bay Shore, Long Island. The 392 cubic inch hemi-powered motor has a worked top end, a GM Turbo 400 transmission with a manual valve body and transbrake was swapped in, two-step box, chromoly steel roll bar, over 400 lbs. removed, and numerous other upgrades. All meeting NHRA specifications. Engine tuning and dyno testing by AJ Berge of Hemituner Performance. Program support from Mighty Discount Automotive of Centereach, Long Island.

Scott Friedman

My name is Scott Friedman, and this is my 2009 Subaru Forester. The announcers at RTNS dubbed it the family hauler. I have always been interested in racing but without a local track I had nowhere to go, once the temporary track opened I started off just watching. But one day I decided to run my suv and see what it could do, now I keep racing trying to better my times. I feel it is a great avenue to get the younger generation into a great sport in a safe and well maintained environment.

Archer Trent III and Sister Nina

Pictured here are my brother Archer Trent lii & myself (Nina Trent) his supportive big sis. This is his 2010 Mustang GT that he loves wholeheartedly. This car was a total loss back in fall of 2021(NOT DUE TO ILLEGAL RACING) but due to poor judgement of another driver. Within 4 or 5 months he had resurrected the car & was up and flying down the runway in spring of 2022. He is so excited & ready for this years controlled events coming in August 2023! And yes. I am his #1 fan and will be right there cheering him on 🏎️

Meet Tommy Krieger

Here is a profile story.my dad bought this cutlass new at the end of 73.to stop street racing bc he got in some trouble with the
law.this was a special order car with dual exhaust 3.73 limited slip rear and to hitch.1st wk new mickey Thompson steel slots and pin striping.back to racing he went lol.1974 national speedway my dad having polio since he was a kid.won his class and set a
record for his class at a national event at national speedway.racing and winning many more events over the years.i bought the car in 93.still raced even against my dad and brother in finals many times over the years.few dif paint jobs and drivetrains its being
redone again. Hope to have it at Calverton to race my dad and his current car once again?

Joanna Parides

Steve Krieger

Steve Krieger brother to Thomas Krieger (yellow El Camino) and Uncle to Tommy Krieger Jr., Steve has been a mechanic since he was a young teen going to work at his family gas station in East Northport sparking his life long passion for cars.
Building his first race car a Henry J that he loved but, had to sell once his first born arrived to pay for the hospital bill. Steve has built all his cars and currently has three. The latest project he is working on is the Henry J pictured last. Steve lives
and breathes for two things his family and racing. A dad of 5 and grandpa of 5 he has a whole pit crew ready to head out to race this summer.

Gotta love all the generations of families that race together!

Joe Greeff

Hello my name is Joe Greeff. I picked up this hobby during covid. I always had the need for speed growing up. But during Covid I met other car enthusiast who turned covid into a positive. We started doing car parades for kids. Mike LaRocca created a Facebook group called SICP4K. That’s where I met so many cool people with crazy fast cars. We brought smiles to so many faces during a dark time in our country. Some of the guys I met belonged to another great car group called Empire Muscle Cars. That’s where I met loads of great people who were into cars as well. While I was at Bellmore Car Show, I met the president of Empire Muscle Cars Victor Doto. We hit it off right away. I started participating in a bunch of car events with them and they became like family. They would do a private track rental twice a year at ATCO. My first time going I had a 2020 BMW X5M that had only a few mods. But I got bored of that real quick. I wanted to go faster. At this time I became close friends with Brian Stephens who has a super fast Jeep Trackhawk. He got me hooked on drag racing. We started going to all the events at Race Track Not Street. It’s a great way to test your skills and race legally and safely. I got lots of seat time doing every event they had. I improved on my reaction time at the tree. The best part it was only an hour from my house. This really increased my interest in Drag Racing. I traded in my X5M for a 2020 X3M and began my car racing journey. I started building the fastest suv I ever had. And today, I hold the world record for the fastest X3M in the world. Below is a list of all my mods as well as my mechanic and tuner who built my motor and tuned my car to run like a rocket ship.


Turbos: Pures Plus
Transmission: Pure Drivetrain Solutions Stage 2 with High Stall Converter
Exhaust: Active Autowerke full exhaust
Fueling: Evoultion of Speed Port injections 1050cc injectors with reflex plus controller
Precision Raceworks lpfp
CSF Manifold
RKTune front mount intakes and catless down pipes
xHP tuner
Vossen MX6 Wheels 20” with Nitto 555r2 Drag Radial
Front 275/40/20 9.5”
Rear 305/35/20 10.5”

Gregory Hamlid

2022 King 0f the Track and  2022 Track Champion

Aimee LaGuardia

2022 Queen if the Track (2 Consecutive years)

Summer Series 2022

4/9 – Opening Spring Series 2022 – ALL PHOTOS COURTESY OF MATTYWASS.COM.